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Getting Married


The Town of Ingersoll performs Civil Wedding Ceremonies.


The Clerk and Deputy Clerk may perform civil wedding ceremonies in the Town Centre, Council Chambers, at 130 Oxford Street in Ingersoll, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (holidays excluded) for a fee of $250.00.



What is a Civil Marriage?


Definition: A civil marriage is one where the marriage ceremony has a government or civil official perform the ceremony.  A civil marriage is a wedding that takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the province.



How to get a Marriage Licence


Steps to Obtaining a Marriage Licence


  1. Review the marriage licence requirements (see below).
  2. Download and print the Marriage Licence application form or get a paper copy from the Town Hall Office.
  3. Complete your Marriage Licence Application.
  4. Ensure both partners sign and date the application.
  5. Come to the Town hall and submit:


Your completed and signed marriage application

Two pieces of identification for each partner * See acceptable forms of id below

Divorce documents, if applicable


6.  Pay the required fee.


You can apply without your partner if:


  1. Both of you have signed the application, and
  2. You submit the required 2 identifications for each partner


Read on for more detailed information.



Age Minimum to Marry


You must be at least 16 years old to get married in Ontario.


Under 18 years old: If you are 16 or 17 years of age and wish to marry you will need written consent from your parents or legal guardians. You can obtain the required consent form from the Ingersoll Town Hall Office.



Required Fee


The fee for a marriage licence in Ingersoll is $110.00.


Payments accepted:  Cash, debit


A marriage licence is valid for 3 monthsfrom the date it was issued.


Download the Marriage Licence Application form (PDF)



* Required Identification


Each partner must submit (2) pieces of acceptable identification (ID):


Identification must be VALID and ORIGINAL (Photocopies will not be Accepted).


The name on both pieces of your ID must be the same

The first name and last names must match on the two pieces of ID you are presenting. If your ID is not in English, a written translation from a certified translator is required


Acceptable Identification:


A Birth Certificate and/or Valid Passport and one other peice of id.  One peice must be photo id.


(If you have both your Birth ceretificate and passport no other identification is needed.)


Driver's Licence

Ontario Photo Card

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Citizenship Card)

Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document

Conditional Release Identification Card

United States Green Card

Native Status Card

Record of Immigration Landing

Permanent Residency Card

Citizenship Card from any country

Identity Card from any country

Nexus Card

Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)

Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL)



NOT Accepted as Identification:


Ontario Health Card

Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card



Remarrying After a Divorce


Divorced in Canada


You will need to bring official proof of the divorce with you when you apply for a marriage licence.  This can be the original or a court-certified copy of one of two documents:


  1. A Decree of Absolute (or a court-certified Copy of the Decree of Absolute) if divorced before 1986, or
  2. A Certificate of Divorce, required if the divorce took place after 1986.


A final judgment or Divorce Order is not acceptable. The Divorce Order (Divorce Judgment) is not proof that you are legally divorced because there is usually a 31 day waiting period after the divorce has been granted before it will take effect. The Court will not issue a Divorce Certificate until the waiting period has elapsed and the divorce has taken effect.


Foreign Divorce


A legal opinion of an Ontario solicitor, addressed to both applicants, that the divorce or annulment would be recognized in Ontario. A Statement of Sole Responsibility must be included with all other documentation


Marrying After the Death of a Spouse


A death certificate is required if you wish to be married and you have been widowed.



Other Information


There is no gender, residency, citizenship or medical requirements for obtaining a marriage licence.



Getting a Marriage Certificate


A marriage certificate is the legal record of a marriage. It lists the date and place of the marriage, and names of the people who were married.


You need this document to:


  1. show legal proof you are married
  2. apply for certain social benefits
  3. settle an estate
  4. change a last name


A Record of Solemnization of Marriage is not the same thing as a Marriage Certificate.


Before you can get a marriage certificate, a marriage needs to be registered.


The official who performed the marriage will do this by sending a complete and signed marriage licence to the Office of the Registrar.


To order a marriage certificate after your wedding go to



Changing Your Last Name After Marriage


It is not required that you change your last name after marriage.  Should you or your spouse wish to change your/their last name go to the ServiceOntario website for more information:

For any clarification or assistance please call, email or visit us at the Town Hall office. 


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